Professional Tax Planning for Individuals and Small Businesses in  Springfield, IL and Virtual Clients throughout the United States

Taxes don't have to be a pain

Federal and State taxes can exceed 50% of your earned income.  At Taxstra, we'll work with you to minimize this bill as much as possible including as low as a 0% Tax Rate!  How do we do this?  We follow a streamlined process that we have perfected not only with other clients, but with ourselves.  

Action 1 - Initial Enrollment Process

Taxstra wants to know everything about you to find the best Tax Strategies for you.  We do this through a 30 day enrollment period.  During the period Taxstra staff will:

Action 2 - Continuous Review and Improvement throughout the Year

After the initial 30-day period, meetings will continue monthly for the first three months and then the client can decide whether to continue the meetings every month or quarterly.  Taxstra will review the current financials of the individual or business and recommend any alterations to the plan made during the Enrollment process.

Action 3 - Year-End Review

Helping clients before it's too late.  Once the calendar turns to a New Year, there is little that accountants can do to help clients reduce their tax burden.  That's why we emphasize this end-of-year meeting that will be held between the months of October- December.  If the tax burden is larger than projected (meaning your income was higher in most cases!), we'll want to pivot quickly and implement changes to your plan.